The Pólya Seminar

The Pólya Problem-Solving Seminar 2015


The Pólya Problem-Solving Seminar is a series of informal dinner-time problem solving practice sessions this fall quarter, on Mondays 6-8 pm.  Some faculty and graduate students always turn up with wise words.   The seminar can be taken for credit (in the guise of Math 193).

There will also be a Masterclass for a few experts (everyone is welcome), on Mondays (an hour, immediately after the regular seminar, starting roughly at 7:45 or 8).

The Pólya Seminar can be useful preparation for the William Lowell Putnam Competition, but is logically independent.

(For information about the Putnam competition, click here.  For some resources, click here.  For the Math 193 Coursework site, click here — those not in the class but students at Stanford can still sign up here.)

If you are (even potentially) interested in hearing about the seminar, please let us know (by emailing either of us).  We maintain an email list (not the coursework list associated to Math 193) for those interested, where we send announcements.

Practice problems will include some on the topics discussed, and some others. Handouts will be posted on this page.

Want more? Additional suggestions for others? Please let us know!